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Adriaan Grové

I took these photos on a long morning run. It is incredible how nature reveals these contrasting colours at the right time and ocean tide. Arrive a bit later and you would have missed the sunrise and the boulders would have been covered by the high tide.

It’s now been months not carrying around a credit card or cash with me. Instead, I’ve opted for contactless payment options including Samsung Pay, Snapscan, and Zapper.

Lately I cringe every time I read articles like these complaining about portal monopolies, how portals can’t do this or that, or prices that are too high:

We are seeing the same complaints every year with no action plan or vision on how things should work or what prices are deemed fair. Industry seems stuck…like an old vinyl record.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the frustration around high prices and click-leads. Portals I believe, can be sustainable with subscription fees of under R1000/office fees (unless they have investors to please).

But take a step back in time with Google…

Data is the new oil they say, and in real estate there is lots of it.

Consumer eyeballs are fuelled by investor money and backed property portals are cashing in everywhere. Access to capital is an advantage when you want to unlock the value of that oil with consumers. For this reason, most portals have also ring fenced any access to that data.

Imagine portals paying you for your listings

Funny enough, I’ve explored this for some time now as I love game theory and the ever increasing problem of high property portal fees agents face. The catch is that the portal will just increase their pricing…

Interesting fact, we stopped running expensive online ads long ago but managed record sales in the last 3 months (almost one new client a day). How did we do it?

1. Listen to clients and the problems we need to solve.

2. Take pride in the work we do and don’t make empty promises.

3. Be authentic, deliver and work with integrity.

Sales doesn’t always close, as our Operations Manager Mari will occasionally attest to — they might in the future. This can be attributed to the fact that she, like the rest of us, is a straight shooter. …

Few agents are focusing on creating hand crafted social media posts, and even fewer on unique news content for their websites. New mandate? Just post the link from the portal (don’t). In a new world where authenticity is king, there has never been a better time to invest in your craft and showcase your expertise.

Each of us now has our own microphone and network, and we get to decide what to program and what to consume. It turns out that spreading the news about things that are smart is, in itself, smart. ~ Seth Godin

Buyers and sellers want…

A panoramic image I stitched together from a 4x4 trip to the Richtersveld in 2007

We’re stuck here in Africa. But at least we can feel the rain, and listen to the wild dogs cry out in the night and try to do the things we never had. We need to seek to cure the wrong what’s deep inside, and become less frightened of this thing that we’ve become. Hurry now, she’s waiting here for you.

There is light in the end of this tunnel, work around all the wrong and find new opportunities. Forget the rules made by the status quo and all the corporate dogma that surrounds it. It’s a different world…

40 Days ago: Flatten the curve, stay at home!

Now: Open the economy!

Do we experience a false sense of security or simply lost our compassion for saving the lives of others? If you or someone close to you is a high risk factor, the picture suddenly changes. Are the lock-down regulations working so well that we are under the illusion that we over reacted?

This photo popped up today. I took it a year ago and is actually turned upside down :)

It reminded me that we are currently living in a bit of an upside down world. We need to adapt, fast. The race to do more stuff online is on. We need to try new things, but also brush off the old stuff that were perhaps ahead of its time.

Damn how I miss the bike rides out under the current lockdown!


Virtual tours is currently getting a lot of attention from estate agents, as it promotes social distancing. Matterport 3D is one of those immersive experiences that turned the real estate world upside…

Rewind 2 years

18 Months ago the Pam Golding Group dropped a bombshell when it announced the acquisition of online fixed fee agency, Eazi. This was at a time when Leadhome and PropertyFox was also hot in the news with similiar fixed fee offerings, and they all caused quite a stir to say the least. Both Leadhome and PropertyFox have since modified their models, but Eazi is still holding on to the fixed fee model, although with just over 300 mandates at the time of writing. It clearly showed that Andrew Golding had an appetite for taking calculated risks, which I respect.


Adriaan Grové

I’m the CEO of, I love working with my remote team to solve real estate problems. Questions everything.

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