Are property portals competing with estate agents through FSBO listings?

Portals and Agents: Frenemies

Getting closer to the transaction

Enter MyProperty

  • Are we so greedy that the income generated from agent subscriptions is not enough in order to run a sustainable company?
  • Are we uplifting the role of the agent or devaluing it by offering FSBO listings as alternative choice?
  • What else are we doing to uplift the value of the professional agent in a property transaction?

FSBO options in South Africa

  • Classified websites like Gumtree and OLX. Gut feel is that most FSBO listings will appear here as they have a free to list option.
  • Property portals, including Private Property, Property24 and IOL Property. Owners can list here and enjoy the same marketing exposure as agents.
  • Social media: Facebook & Twitter probably the top 2 options with the Facebook Marketplace quite a popular option. Can probably work quite well with hyper local ad placement, if the owner has the expertise and time to promote.

FSBO options on local property portals

Who is the king of FSBO in the South African property portal space?

based on 4 most votes
National market share of FSBO listings (for sale only) comparing top 2 portals

FSBO ads: a multi-million rand opportunity for portals

Is FSBO listings a threat to estate agents?



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