Disrupting real estate: guarantee a quick & easy home sale




The next Uber or AirBNB of real estate?

There is a wave of new companies making the real estate processes more transparent, offering lower commissions and providing fixed fee models for services rendered. In the case of OpenDoor, Knock and OfferPad, making the sale guaranteed, faster, easier and streamlining the whole process online.


Let’s play devil’s advocate

Little has changed in the home buying/selling process through the years, except for incremental optimization of current marketing and sales processes: Wider and faster exposure through the internet, easier communication, more streamlined sales process flows and easier access to data for everyone.

Dominate an area by purchasing a suburb

Theoretically, with enough funding, and enough willing sellers, a company with enough capital behind them can purchase up all available stock in an entire or part of a popular suburb over time. They could effectively dominate areas and set their own asking prices for listing stock, and decide how many listings they release into the market.

Why sell at all, if you can get higher rental returns?

What if they team up with AirBNB, and use AirBNB occupancy rates to determine the best buy-to-rent holiday investments in an area?

  • Rental/Holiday commissions: check.
  • Home loan provider excluded: check.
  • ROI: perfect!



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Adriaan Grové

Adriaan Grové

I’m the CEO of www.entegral.net, I love working with my remote team to solve real estate problems. Questions everything.