Have real estate brands become commodified?

Adriaan Grové
2 min readMar 2, 2018

The misconception that real estate agents are just salespeople is like that — like an original sin at the heart of our industry ~ Joe Rand


This book takes real estate agents back to the basics of providing exceptional service and shows a deep understanding of the industry and how it must up its game to survive. He says that agents should stop being “cookie-cutter sales people”.

…for the most part, real estate brands have become commodified, which says little about the kind of service they give to clients…it is the perfect breeding ground for Discounters….after all people think that all agents are the same, why pay more for the same service…

The truth is that the real estate industry has changed very little over the past 30 years. Wall Street sees the opportunity and is throwing money at technology first companies like Redfin and Compass, and even more at new instant home buying services pioneered by Opendoor.

Traditional models are fighting back and we’ve probably reached a tipping point last week when Gary Keller from KW said in his vision speech:

We are a technology company. №1 that means we build the technology. №2 that means we hire the technologists …. We are not a real estate company anymore”

The fight is on. For big companies, it is ‘easy’ to invest in their own technology, as they have the funds. For most agents, this presents a challenge, and they will need to team up with the right services providers, and have the right tools. I have my doubts about KW’s approach (based on elements of the vision speech where they even challenge the big Zillow) but kudos to them for tackling this beast head on, and not sticking their heads in the sand hoping it will all pass.

This book focuses on 5 key changes real estate agents can make to improve the client experience….and ‘protect their future’, so worth a read. It is time to identify the magic in your real estate business to ensure your are not left behind.



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