The lockdown diaries, #11: Time to give 360 property video tours another try?

Adriaan Grové
3 min readApr 27, 2020


This photo popped up today. I took it a year ago and is actually turned upside down :)

It reminded me that we are currently living in a bit of an upside down world. We need to adapt, fast. The race to do more stuff online is on. We need to try new things, but also brush off the old stuff that were perhaps ahead of its time.

Damn how I miss the bike rides out under the current lockdown!


Virtual tours is currently getting a lot of attention from estate agents, as it promotes social distancing. Matterport 3D is one of those immersive experiences that turned the real estate world upside down, and is enjoying a lot of coverage. Buyers can access and see every part of their home on a self guided tour 24/7. These Matterport and other 360 tour systems can easily be integrated into real estate websites by simply uploading the link to your management system.

Screenshot of example integration

Virtual 360 video walk through

I was also looking at Virtual 360 video walk troughs lately. It is existing technology but probably haven’t received the kind of attention it should have.

Have a look at the two samples below, where the agent guides you through the home. You can have a look around (by panning with your mouse) while he points out certain features, I think it is kinda cool and gives a more personal experience.

Here is another one. I think key is to do it like these guys do, don’t walk with the camera, place it on a tripod, press record and introduce the home. Then through the rooms together in video editing software when you are done.

I bought a Ricoh Theta 360 camera years ago and tried it out on a bike ride, so the technology is not entirely new to me ;)

There are a lot of new and higher quality 360 cameras around to do 360 tours and 360 video tours. You can easily create a Youtube account , upload standard or these new 360 videos and then simply upload that link to your property listing. Bonus: extra views through YouTube!

Integrated video tour example via the Flex real estate website platform

Not a lot of people are comfortable on camera. Maybe the seller doesn’t want to reveal their house in so much detail. In that case, upload to YouTube but mark the video as unlisted, so it is only visible to you and people you hand the link out to (e.g. serious buyers).

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