The lockdown diaries #13: We’re stuck here in Africa

Adriaan Grové
3 min readMay 21, 2020
A panoramic image I stitched together from a 4x4 trip to the Richtersveld in 2007

We’re stuck here in Africa. But at least we can feel the rain, and listen to the wild dogs cry out in the night and try to do the things we never had. We need to seek to cure the wrong what’s deep inside, and become less frightened of this thing that we’ve become. Hurry now, she’s waiting here for you.

There is light in the end of this tunnel, work around all the wrong and find new opportunities. Forget the rules made by the status quo and all the corporate dogma that surrounds it. It’s a different world where people recognise small profitable and self sustaining businesses. Small business owners are suffering in this lockdown, but people want to help people, not bloated companies that is driven by numbers to keep investors happy.

I always say running a business for me is not about the money, it is about creating the environment that all my co workers can enjoy, including giving them the freedom to work remote and from anywhere. One where clients feel they are getting value for their money and are partnering long term with a company they can rely on through thick and thin.

A further (highly likely) interest cut today (21 May 2020) spells good news for the entry level real estate market. Suddenly homes are now even more affordable. Why rent when you can buy at such low rates?

Imagine that: owning your first own home.

Remember the feeling when you moved into your 1st home? Find the joy in helping these new buyers realise their dreams. You are enabling the biggest financial transaction of their lives, do it with integrity and offer more than what they expect. Be the go to agent, the neighbourhood expert, not the master of none.

Do business, because you love what you do, not to be the biggest that ‘crushes competition’. When you grow bigger just by numbers, their is the risk of corporate bloat eating up that core joy of running your lean business and having to think on your feet. Don’t end up in an endless chase with numbers. Treasure the small wins with clients, the joy of handing over keys to a first time home owner with a personal hand written card thanking them and wishing them well. Keep it simple and honest.

Being authentic goes a long way in building trust and creating ongoing referrals.

Today access to funding is a competitive advantage, and it fuels new ‘disruptive’ industries. Maybe a shift is coming with less focus on VC funding, and more focus on creating businesses that are sustainable from day 1? Read this to see just how screwed up business funding has become:

Hailing a taxi or ordering delivery might be a little more difficult after the venture capital dries up, but as long as you can still use a smartphone to call people, I think we’ll be all right.

My thoughts exactly:

Richtersveld Camping 2007

We’re stuck here in Africa, but it is not a bad thing if you see it as a learning adventure. Trial and error is the self-funded entrepreneur’s best friend. Love what you do and seek out the new opportunities in this difficult time.

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