The lockdown diaries, day #8: We’ve always sold real estate this way!

What you doing??? This is how we do real estate!

Who owns your business?

I believe the ideas (read dreams) of many business owners are sometimes held back by a few clients. That one or two clients that dictate how you should operate and ultimately push the direction of your product development.

Don’t sell to everyone

I’ve learned that there is no point in selling to everyone. Sell to those you connect with and who believe in your views. This is why we don’t employ sales people at Entegral and we hardly spend any money on advertising. There is a big difference between people finding your product and making their own decisions for a purchase, and those where sales people force empty promises and timelines down their throats. We’ve been down that road too, and have learned the hard way.

Questioning the traditional ways

A crisis is often the catalyst for trends we already knew would come. Is what we are experiencing now, the Black Swan event the industry has been waiting for that will force a change in habits?

Holding on to the old ways

There is a lot of bureaucracy in real estate, fuelled by big organisations that are unwilling to change or try new things out for the fear of upsetting their bottom line. When you are that big, it is all about protecting what you have, and why most innovation is driven by smaller companies.

  • You are an estate agent, so “focus on getting mandates and selling!”
  • You are a tech company, so “focus on building management systems and websites!”
  1. A tech company selling homes

The rules have changed

There are no rules. Create products and services that you believe in, love working on and that better serve your customers. If you are not pissing competitors off, you are not doing something remarkable:

Food for thought.



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Adriaan Grové

Adriaan Grové

I’m the CEO of, I love working with my remote team to solve real estate problems. Questions everything.