The rise of the super agent

  1. See the return on their marketing investment and are willing to push even more money in to increase their share.
  2. Provide great service to buyers and sellers, thus simplifying and speeding up the sales process, adding credibility for the portal. Promoting top agents is in the best interest of the portal.
  3. Reduce the admin and support overhead dealing with a smaller group of agents.
  1. Basic online subscription fees are significantly pushed up every year, making it expensive for new or low sales brokers to operate. This is the result of portals trying to get a monopoly in the market with huge advertising spend that they need to recover for investors.
  2. Additional marketing opportunities, including featured properties, profiles or other packages are made available that provides more exposure for agents willing to spend.
  3. Portals are willing to run at a loss for years, in order to capture market share and operate a monopoly. Once this is done, they can command higher than normal subscription fees.

The rise of super agents and teams

  1. The rise of the ‘super agent’ or small ‘super team’ who are willing to spend more on online advertising to grow and keep their market share. These highly productive teams or agents are focused on spending their money where they get the best ROI. They are fanatical about customer service and have long term strategies that results in a snowball effect for repeat business and referrals.
  2. Agents that are set in their ways and are reluctant to adapt to change (including the adoption of new technologies and further training) will put themselves under pressure and be slowly forced out of the market. There is certainly no more space for ‘part time’ agents.
  3. More, highly qualified, post graduates (including corporate go-getters) entering the real estate sector.
  4. The rise of fixed and low commission online and hybrid agencies that challenges the traditional high commission structures through their highly optimized workflow processes.
  5. Introduction of completely new real estate models like OpenDoor, Knock and Offerpad that promises instant home sales. These are backed by large investors looking to disrupt the market.




I’m the CEO of, I love working with my remote team to solve real estate problems. Questions everything.

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Adriaan Grové

Adriaan Grové

I’m the CEO of, I love working with my remote team to solve real estate problems. Questions everything.

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